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Lewiston Riverfront Island Master Plan

Lewiston Riverfront Island Master Plan



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Riverfront Island Master Plan


The City of Lewiston is excited to partner with Halvorson Tighe & Bond in an update to the Riverfront Island Master Plan (RIMP) which includes the canals, the riverfront trail, and Simard-payne and Veteran's Parks. We will be working closely with residents, businesses and others interested to create a collaborative vision for riverfront. The Riverfront Island Master Plan will be a guiding document for municipal expenditures to improve pedestrian connectivity and to improve engagement through upgrades to public spaces. RIMP will also provide a market analysis to help the city in its efforts to enhance economic development in this part of the city. 

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Attract new development and a mix of uses within historic buildings

Tap the Power of the River

Highlight Androscoggin River as a premier community asset

Walk & Bike

Improve multi-modal connections to add within the district

Access to Green

Revitalize existing and propose a new open spaces network

Rediscover the Canals

Explore new opportunities for the historic industrial features


Over the next few months, there will be many opportunities to participate. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Attend a workshop or other event

  • Get the word out by sharing this project with your neighbors, family, and friends

  • Subscribe to this project for email Updates

  • Add your ideas to the Map

How can I get involved?

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